BloomSky App Update v2.0

What’s Happening and What’s Coming Up



While weather has been raging these last couple weeks, a lot has been happening behind the scenes at BloomSky. For starters, we celebrated the official launch of BloomSky Weather on August 18th. Just days prior to our launch, we were thrilled to receive a call from a little TV station in Atlanta called ‘The Weather Channel’. They had seen the BloomSky weather station and wanted to feature it on their morning show, AMHQ. We got a quick TV spot in a “Back to School Tech” featurette, and subsequently our Twitter feed blew up. Several additional tech reviews followed shortly after.


BloomSky app update

BloomSky v2.0

Our company launch coincided with the release of the BloomSky app, fresh out of beta. Now, only two weeks later, we have released app updates for both Android and iOS. We continue to locate bugs and work on improving the usability of the BloomSky mobile app for our users. Look for a regular app update every two to three weeks for both Android and iOS. A big “Thanks” to all our community members who have helped us find some of those hidden pests. Above all, we are sincerely grateful for your patience while we continue to improve the app’s stability and increase functionality.


Squashing Bugs

With regard to the new app (v2.0), we have been listening closely to your comments, both from device owners and non-owners alike. We’ll continue to tweak the app to meet the needs of the community, that started right away with the release of v2.0.1. The latest app update is live, now v2.0.1 for iOS and v2.0.3 for Android.

There continues to be a short list of routers that “don’t play nicely” with the BloomSky firmware. As there are so many different routers out there in the world it’s been a process to get them all accounted for. We’re constantly working on firmware patches that will increase router compatibility. These updates will be “pushed” to the weather station automatically with no need to reset or otherwise adjust your station’s settings.


Updates Galore

If you’ve downloaded the latest app update, you’ll likely notice a few things right out of the gate. One change that was universally requested was that users wanted to see their own device right away at startup. When the app launches you are first taken to the ‘map pointer’ icon, indicating the list of devices that are nearest to your current location. At the top of that list is your home device (if you own one) regardless of how far from it you may be. We have also increased the size of the font, making it easier to read the weather data and forecast for any given station. Several more subtle changes to allow easier navigation and data interpretation will be included in coming updates.


What’s Next…

In addition to the app update campaign, we will have some exciting product updates to share with you in the near future. Be sure to check back with us soon.


Feedback from our community is very important to us. If you have comments or ideas to share with us for the hardware or app please do so here.

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