BloomSky and IFTTT: if [BloomSky] then [that]

By bringing together BloomSky and IFTTT your weather station is now smarter and more connected than ever. Learn how to take advantage of this brilliantly simple way to link devices, apps, and services.


Update: January 7, ’16

We’re excited to announce two new triggers to the BloomSky channel: we now have high and low temperature threshold available!

Your BloomSky can trigger actions based on a set temperature. For example, you can have BloomSky trigger your connected thermostat to turn on (or off) when an outside temperature is reached. Maybe you want to get an alert when it gets too cold for outdoor pets, or even record the number of days of high temperature on a Google spreadsheet. Tell us about your recipe in the comment section below.



What is IFTTT?

IFTTT is a simple, yet powerful statement – “if this, then that” – connecting devices, services, and apps. The user builds a “recipe”, which consists of a trigger (if this) and an action (then that), then just sit back and let the connections happen.

I first started using IFTTT four years ago when I stumbled across their website while searching for the end of the internet one boring evening. Even though 2011 wasn’t that long ago, there weren’t that many things to connect using the service; today there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of possibilities. The list of channels is massive – DropBox, Instagram, Nest, Amazon Alexa, Philips Hue, just to name a few key players.



What Can BloomSky and IFTTT Do For Me?

bloomsky and iftttBy connecting a home weather station to IF you can now monitor and adjust almost any smart device around your home, or simply automate processes associated with your BloomSky. What’s more is that you aren’t limited to your BloomSky – you can use data coming from any station that you follow on the BloomSky network to build your recipes (recipe idea: know if rain is heading your way – set an IFTTT recipe to receive a text if a station near you gets a rain alert).

You can also use IF to automate processes during your day – everything from the convenient to the geeky. Want to archive weather data for future reference? – use IF to write the data on a Goggle Sheet automatically, then graph the long range changes. Or you can automate Instagram posting from your BloomSky using another IF recipe.



What’s Next?

The number of BloomSky and IFTTT triggers will continue to grow, and we look forward to suggestions from our community on new triggers to add. What are you using your BloomSky and IFTTT to do? What do you want it to do next? Add a comment below or Tweet your ideas @BloomSky with the tag #IFTTT.

If you need help setting your BloomSky up with IFTTT, send an email to our support team or DM @BloomSkySupport on Twitter.


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