BloomSky App How-To: Recalibrate Location

A series of short articles highlighting new or lesser-known features within the BloomSky app.

Have you been wondering how your BloomSky device knows its location so precisely? During setup, the weather station pulls coordinates from the GPS from your mobile device. This point is checked against coordinates in the native map app on your device – either ‘Google Maps’ on Android or ‘Maps’ on iOS. The output is a “real world” address – showing a road and city name – which is tabulated within the BloomSky app. As a result of the high degree of accuracy the zoom level of the map view inside the BloomSky app is limited. This pre-set limit ensures the privacy and security of the device location.



Location, Location, Location…

Occasionally the GPS can get tripped up and will report the wrong coordinates while setting up your BloomSky weather station. This GPS error can place your station in unpredictable locations within the BloomSky network. The results of this can be as simple as a mislabeled road in the address field, or as far off as placing the station in the wrong time zone, shutting the camera off during the day.


No need to worry – you don’t need to reset and reinstall your weather station if this happens. A simple process will allow you to update the location reported by your weather station. However, be sure to only recalibrate the location when you are next to the station in order to get the most accurate coordinates. The device will use your phone’s position to reset to the new location, whether you’re across town or around the world. Follow the steps below to recalibrate.



That’s it. You’re done! Give the station a few minutes to send its new location to the server, after which you will see the change within the app.

If you continue to have issues with your weather station “finding itself”, send an email to our support team.


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