BloomSky Community Pilot Program – Launching in the San Francisco Bay Area


BloomSky is committed to supporting community organizations and nonprofits by providing them with BloomSky stations to add to our crowdsourced, image-driven weather network.   We are excited to announce the launch of the BloomSky Community Pilot Program. Our goal is to work with our existing weather network to:

  1. Connect with environmental nonprofits, community leaders, grassroots organizations, and educators with an interest in weather, whose groups will benefit from having their own BloomSky station on the network.
  2. Simultaneously increase the regional coverage of our weather stations to effectively capture the diversity of microclimates and sky views, thereby strengthening our entire network.

We will be running this pilot program during the month of October throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Launching the program close to our home in Silicon Valley seemed the natural choice to ensure a successful start. Our local community has already helped us connect with some remarkable views.


Search in the BloomSky app to follow.

Search ‘’ in the BloomSky app to follow this great view of the San Francisco skyline.

Here is a view from our newest community partner, Manylabs. Manylabs is committed to supporting open science and education initiatives. The station is mounted on their roof in San Francisco’s SoMa neighborhood. The BloomSky is one of the first environmental sensors to be displayed in their new workspace!









Follow Arastradero Preserve in our app to see their daily time-lapse - the cloud movement is spectacular!

Follow ‘Arastradero Preserve’ in our app to see their daily time-lapse – the cloud movement is spectacular!


Acterra, an environmental service nonprofit, has also joined our Community Pilot Program. With a focus on habitat restoration, Acterra operates educational work sites throughout the Bay Area. Arastradero Preserve is one of these project sites. Located in the foothills above Palo Alto, the weather station provides a view of the skyline from the trailhead of the hiking area.  We look forward to growing our partnership with Acterra and adding more open space preserves on the peninsula to the BloomSky network.







Like the Yosemite Valley view? We'd appreciate your assistance to connect with more national park residents.

An image from the ‘Yosemite Valley’ weather station.

Yosemite National Park (resident)

With the assistance of one of our community members in Yosemite, we’ve also been fortunate to connect with Chris who lives in Yosemite Valley. He is able to provide this remarkable view of the famous Half Dome peak. The park attracts millions of visitors every year, making this weather station one of the most popular on the BloomSky network.







Get Involved:

If either you – or any friends or colleagues in the Bay Area – have access to a view that you would like on the BloomSky network, or know of an organization that could benefit from having a Bloomsky, please submit an application. Applications are due by October 15th, 2015. All applications will be reviewed by the BloomSky team.

Help us get the word out, so please share widely! We encourage you to post this link for our pilot program on social media, Nextdoor network, or other online forums.



bloomsky san jose school

The sun rising over ‘Castlemont School’ in San Jose

BloomSky for Schools

BloomSky is also running an Education Initiative to bring weather into the classroom. Working with STEAM, an “out of the box” educational organization, we are helping students understand how weather impacts their world; more on that in a later post.

If you are an educator and would like to learn about bringing BloomSky to your school, please leave a note in the comments below or apply to the Community Pilot Program so we can connect with you.






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