BloomSky Dashboard: Your Weather Station, Now on the Web

The new BloomSky dashboard, accessible from any web browser, gives BloomSky weather station owners another way to view and connect with their weather.



Mobile or Desktop? Your choice.

Mobile apps are convenient, but sometimes you want a bigger screen. With that in mind, we recently released the first version of the web-based BloomSky dashboard.

The device owner dashboard was the number one requested product by our community during the company’s early months, going all the way back to our Kickstarter campaign. Our engineers went to work, and now BloomSky owners can get a deeper look into the weather at their device location.



It’s Shiny, But What Does It Do?

The BloomSky dashboard gives access to station data and time-lapse videos outside of the mobile app. Users will be able to look back at time-lapse videos from their station for the past 90 days. Easily navigate the calendar view to watch a time-lapse, share it, or simply download videos for later.

In addition to accessing station time-lapse videos, users can view the entire history of data from their weather station in a graph as well as download their station data in spreadsheet format. This wealth of historical weather data can be used to track long-term trends, and can be easily graphed using any spreadsheet program. Read on for step by step instructions on how to export the .csv file for use with spreadsheet apps.



Exporting the Data

The dashboard is optimized for Goggle’s Chrome browser and Safari for Mac. Additionally, these screenshots and directions are on Mac OS, so let us know if you need help on another platform. Access the dashboard here, and use the login info from your BloomSky mobile app account associated with your weather station.

Chrome and Safari instructions:

  1. Choose ‘data view’
  2. Select the desired date range
  3. Select ‘table view’
  4. Click to download csv file and you’re done! (for Safari browser move on to step five)bloomsky dashboard 1. Choose 'data view'; 2. Select the desired date range; 3. Select 'table view'; 4. Click to download csv file and you're done! (for Safari browser move on to step five)



The downloaded file will import into any spreadsheet program. The column data exported includes temperature (*C), a time and date stamp (UTC time), air pressure (absolute), relative humidty (percentage), and raw UV sensor readings. To convert the exported Celsius temperature to Fahrenheit use this formula, where ‘A’ is the temperature column:

  • =CONVERT(A2,”C”,”F”)

Then drag the formula down the rest of the sheet. At the moment however, we don’t have a conversion for UTC time; check back for that.


Want to see more? Leave feedback below if you’d like to see more features added to the device owner dashboard, or the mobile app. We have more exciting products coming down the line, so make sure to check back soon.



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  • Claus

    Aweosome new tool. It would be great if you could implement the same possibilities on the mobile app of bloomsky (e.g. showing historic data).

    Could you also implement a feature that shows how often the bloomsky device has been charged and when? Everytime I charge my station I put it inside. This changes the measured data. It would be aweosome if you could exclude the data from the charging times as an option.

    • john

      Hi Claus,
      Thanks for the feedback! We’re working on adding some of these features to the mobile app, however our goal is to keep the interface clean and ‘lightweight’. This has made for a challenge when trying to fit too much data into the smaller screen size of a mobile device. But we’re working on it!
      As for charging the device, best suggestion is to turn the device off while charging inside. If we disregard any data being collected while the device charges, this would unfortunately remove the data-sets from devices that are charging via the solar panel accessory as well. Or, your could order the solar panel so you never have to worry about bringing your station in for maintenance charging! Email us for details. Thanks again for the feedback, as well as the support!
      -Team BloomSky

  • Christian Roux

    Great news about the dashboard. Its really cool! The dashboard looks great. Some questions and requests from my side. It would be a nice feature to store additonal data lokaI or in a cloud space to keep data and timelapse longer then 90 days. Or maybe the possibility to buy a subscrition to store data for ever.
    One Question: Is the IFTTT trigger “timelaps of the day” currently not working? Can’t get recipes to work with that trigger right now.
    And yes I am waiting for the hardware update to mesure wind direction, speed and raingauge. that would really nice.
    Another request from my side. It would be nice to correct the station offset for the pressure sensor. On my station the corrected pressure is allways shown to high. For example today the QNH should be near 1030mbar on my station it shows about 1038mbar. I think the offset ist done by Station position with google maps. Maybe the map altitued data ist not precise enough?

  • Tom Kloc

    I also wish the mobile app had some of the same features. I understand the importance of keeping the app “lightweight”. At least give us a way to to to the dashboard site and log in automatically. It is a starting point.

    • john

      Hi Tom, Are you asking for a shortcut from the mobile app to the dashboard? It’s a great suggestion, but unfortunately the dashboard is really not meant for mobile devices- it’s not navigable on the small screen. We hope to add the functionality of the dashboard into a larger tablet-specific app down the road. We’ll count this as a vote for that! Thanks for the feedback!

      • Tom Kloc

        I have used the dashboard on my phone. It is decently workable. Honestly on a phone or tablet i feel the dashboard functionality is needed. I would thin for many users that are into the weather this is what they are looking for.

        • john

          Thanks for the feedback, Tom. This will definitely be passed to the engineers.

    • john

      Hi Tom, Are you asking for a shortcut from the mobile app to the dashboard? It’s a great suggestion, but unfortunately the dashboard is really not meant for mobile devices- it’s not navigable on the small screen. We hope to add the functionality of the dashboard into a larger tablet-specific app down the road. We’ll count this as a vote for that! Thanks for the feedback!

  • Bob

    I have a question, what is the voltage reading in Station Status of, if it is battery what is the min level it will work at?

    • john

      Hi Bob,
      Yes- it is indeed the battery level. The minimum power needed for the device to continue transmitting data is around 2400mV (+/-); below that the station won’t have enough power to transmit and it will appear offline. Hope that answers your question!

  • Harshani

    Is there any option to change time duration between two photographs? Can we change the 5 minutes time lapse to 1second?

    • john

      Hi Harshani, At the moment, the photo interval is set through the firmware so it’s not possible to change each camera individually. The biggest challenge really comes down to server space – currently the station takes around 200-250 images a day (for an average 13-14 hour day), at a rate of every five minutes; the server space would need to be quite large if we were to increase the image frequency for the ~3000 stations currently out there! However we are looking into the viability of this for the future. For example – one possibility is if users would be willing to pay small subscription if we could offer higher frequency images and make them accessible for you at any time. Thoughts?

      • fred

        I would be willing to pay a fee to have to have images taken every 15 seconds or 30 seconds.

  • Alan Blake

    I have ordered a Sky2 and Storm (not yet delivered) and tried to download dashboard using my Android app login details but I only get the portal loading symbol.
    Is it just the server is busy or am I not allowed in yet.

    • john

      Hi Alan,
      The online dashboard gives you access to your stations that are linked to your BloomSky account, so unfortunately if there isn’t a station under your account then there won’t be anything to show. You’ll see all the good stuff as soon as your station starts to transmit. As mentioned above, this is the beta version of this portal, in the future version we will likely give access to all stations on your “followed” list as well as your own. Thanks for the question!

      • Alan Blake

        Thanks for that – one other question :- The amount of data I can upload and download is limited on my Tooway satellite broadband link so how much data in MB is the Sky2 and Storm likely to need per day. I guess the upload figure is probably fairly fixed but the download depends on how often the system is interrogated by the user. Regards Alan

        • john

          The data packets are rather small, only adding up to about 20-25mb per day. As for the download- the app pulls data from the the BloomSky cloud, rather than directly from the individual station, so there’s no additional data usage for the individual user. Cheers!

  • Trey

    I cannot access the dashboard. Is it working or what am I doing wrong? Also, I cannot find the web app…

    • john

      Hi Trey,
      The ‘web app’ is here: This shows all active stations on the network.
      As for the dashboard, we’re seeing an issue where users are unable to login; if you’re having this problem, please send us an email to ‘’ so we can follow up with you on this. Thanks!

      • Bernadette Janssen

        The dashboard Application sound nice. Try to login with my Facebook account and mailt the last 2 months with Bloomsky a dozen times, but no reply.

        • john

          Hi Bernadette, If you are still having issues logging in, please email us at ‘’; include your device name so we can be sure that the account is set up with Facebook-login properly. Thanks!

  • BH

    I installed my new system yesterday and I am unable to access the data portion of the dashboard. It continuously says that it’s connecting to the bloomsky network. Do I need to do something different?

    • john

      Hi BH, We’ve resolved this issue in the last 24 hours or so, so you should be able to access the data section now. Please let us know if you continue to have issues. Thanks!

  • Kristopher Bang

    my dashboard has not updated since Dec 31st, is anyone else having this issue?

  • Alan Blake

    When are you going to respond to my emails

    • john

      Hi Alan, Are you trying to get a hold of a specific person in the company, or was the email a support request?