Public BloomSky Outdoor Weather Station + Cameras are indicated on the map below.  Each device is searchable by name or location within the BloomSky app (app store links below). Access the images, real-time weather data, and 5 days of time-lapse videos for each BloomSky location in the BloomSky app. Explore and enjoy!

This map is updated weekly, for a live map of stations visit our interactive web app featuring real-time temperature and images from each BloomSky weather station. Use the BloomSky app to browse on the go, or to take advantage of the all the features available from the BloomSky network.

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In you’ve ever stared at the sky and wanted a better comprehension of what you’ve seen, view some examples of understanding weather patterns through the BloomSky time-lapses.

The iOS Beta app and Android Beta app are publicly available, and we welcome feedback.

Map reflects live BloomSky weather stations set to be publicly visible by the device owners. Follower count weekly. Latitude and longitude coordinates reflect approximate BloomSky Locations, rounded to two decimals.