The BloomSky in Production

Those of you who backed us on Kickstarter or participated in our San Francisco Beta Test know that the much anticipated date – when the first BloomSky rolls off of the assembly line – finally came!  Check out this picture of all of the tooled pieces of the first final-production BloomSky.  They’re lying ready for assembly.

This shipment-ready product has gone through an intense iterative design process.  Last year, the prototype was a boxy, unappealing two pieces of plastic hinged together.  Now, it’s a gorgeous orb, with an eye on the sky.

The BloomSky is a 5-in-1 personal weather station, built to detect precipitation, UV, pressure, humidity, and temperature.  Its companion app lets you easily search for weather data for any BloomSky, select favorites to follow (maybe, it’s the one at your best buddy’s house, office, Tahoe, or favorite running park), and engage with the real-time conditions through actual pictures of the sky.  We’re excited to get the app into your hands this Spring!

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