The BloomSky Storm, Unveiled

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A wind and rain sensor was always in the cards for us. Temperature, humidity and air pressure (elements that are monitored by the first generation ‘Sky 1’ weather station) are only a piece of the puzzle. Now, we proudly present the BloomSky Storm.


Your Weather Station Is Showing…

To understand weather, observers need to see the whole picture. But before we got into doing what every other personal weather station (PWS) already does, we opted to start with something that had never been a part of “checking the weather” – an actual view of the conditions. Ambiguous and often inaccurate icons are all that are offered – rain, wind, sun, partly cloudy – generalizations to sum up an entire day of weather. Real-time view of the conditions? Check. Now, with the addition of the BloomSky Storm sensor bundle to monitor wind and rain, the BloomSky weather package is complete.

the new BloomSky Storm

Sometimes there’s just no rain to collect


Most personal weather stations are bulky, unattractive, ‘whirly-bird-looking’ eyesores that users will often try to hide behind a house. The two-device approach turned out to be the answer as we sought a way to change the unflattering appearance of the typical PWS. The last 18 months of research and prototyping has given us time to come up with a wind sensor that our community will be proud to have on a roof or on display in their yard. In addition to the maintaining a high standard of design for the BloomSky station, providing two separate devices allows users to buy the sensors they want, thereby keeping the price down for the basic elements of a weather station.



Without Further Ado – Introducing the BloomSky Storm

The new Storm sensor will begin production later this summer based on the success of the Kickstarter campaign to get it off the ground. Our goal is to have product ready to ship in November, but the early Kickstarter backers receive their ‘rewards’ first. Visit the BloomSky support forum for full specs on both the new Storm wind and rain sensor as well as our new SKY2 sensor bundle. If you’re ready to help build the latest weather sensor, join our Kickstarter campaign and be one of the first to receive the device.


Do you have questions about the new BloomSky Storm? Let us know in the comments section below.



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