BloomSky Worldwide: Coming Soon


BloomSky International Shipping


You Want Us, We Want You.

The BloomSky network has grown at a steady pace over the last several weeks since our company launch. We are working hard to make BloomSky available outside North America as quickly as possible. Our goal is to have international sales certified by the end of the year.


Selling BloomSky weather stations internationally is, regrettably, not as simple as it sounds. A product must be certified for sale in each country before it can be shipped there. All this approval will take time, but that window will allow for us to establish a reliable international shipping partner. Currently, we’re using a third party warehouse to ship devices to our loyal Kickstarter backers. Unfortunately that has been a painfully slow, unreliable, and expensive method. With time, we’ll have a warehouse that we can work with closely to ensure timely delivery to all our customers.


Those Who Got In Early.

Our international Kickstarter backers benefited from the shipping “loophole” to get their weather stations. This loophole results from the definition of the program – supporters received a “reward” as opposed to “buying” the product. But thanks to the early groundwork of those Kickstarters, the BloomSky network includes over 140 stations broadcasting from 29 countries outside of North America.


In addition to shipping overseas, we want to optimize the BloomSky experience for weather station owners internationally. Time and date, as well as location formats – these are all small elements within the app, but have a big impact on the functionality for users outside of North America.


BloomSky Worldwide, Coming Soon…

We will of course continue to support the existing BloomSky community members around the world; but we are sorry to say that we cannot offer new weather stations for sale outside of the U.S. and Canada at the moment. If you are an international Kickstarter backer, fear not – we’re here for you! As for other weather, cloud, and photography enthusiasts out there – stay tuned, we’re working as fast as we can to get you on the list.


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