A Favorite Time-Lapse Video


As part of our San Francisco Beta Test (more about that later), Amie placed 5 devices in the Cache Creek Valley near Sacramento, CA. It’s an area with abundant organic farming.  Setting up BloomSky weather stations in agriculture was different than installing them around San Francisco.  The horizon is not obscured by a neighbor’s apartment building.  And there’s always the risk that an errant cow might trod right over it.  Our tester over at Riverdog Farm, Brian, industriously used a rain bucket to shield the power supply… from the rain.

The time-lapses from Riverdog Farm are special.  Dawn illuminates the gathered clouds, which scatter in the afternoon to reveal patches of brilliant blue (guess which shade of blue inspires our logo!).  The fishbowl lense of the BloomSky captures a mini-story every day at Riverdog farm.  Trucks pull in, splatter mud on the lense, then  disappear in the next frame.  The big wet nose of a black lab nearly topples the little weather station over.  Mist over the lense dissipates in the morning sun.  And in this video, work boots are left by an open truck door as the sun sinks below the horizon.

If you enjoy this time-lapse, also check out the Shoreline time-lapses.  Can you detect the wind direction from the sailboats point-of-sail?

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