Final Weather Station production is well underway!

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The first batch of BloomSky units will arrive next week and will be shipped out promptly to our Kickstarter supporters. Our goal is to have all Kickstarter orders shipped by the end of May, followed by our other pre-orders in June . Which brings up the question – “what’s happening now and what’s next?”


  1. We completed hardware design changes based on the Fall 2014 Beta Test results.

(Caption: The Beta Test prototype – left, final production device – right)


The design changes include:

  • slightly larger (~10%) body reduces heat build-up inside unit that could affect temperature reading and a larger surface area on top of unit for…
  • an increased number of smaller rain receptors on the main unit surface
  • relocated the UV sensor to pivot with the lens eye
  • internal access under main body to allow serviceable parts
  • power and reset buttons are raised to give more positive feedback upon depressing buttons
  • Weather-proofed the power connection (both the adaptor and input end) to eliminate down-time due to charging inside
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