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So you’ve bought your BloomSky Station, now you want to start your time-lapse adventure as soon as possible. Read below for the quick-start guide on how to install a BloomSky weather station.


Quick Start Install

Important Note:

The BloomSky device will automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network that your phone or tablet is connected to. The installation will not be successful if you are currently connected to a 5G Wi-Fi network or a carrier data plan. For more information, refer to your wifi router guide.


Step 1. Connect your smartphone or tablet to your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network

*Be sure to stay within a 5 foot range of the router during weather station setup to ensure good signal strength between the phone, router, and BloomSky to allow firmware update.


Step 2. Launch the BloomSky app. Log into the account you intend to use to set up the device and initiate the “add device” process.


Step 3. Follow the steps seen below to navigate to “add device”

bloomsky installation image

Step 4. Follow in-app directions to install the BloomSky weather station


Step 5.  You’re up and running! Enjoy.

See “additional installation notes” below if installation is unsuccessful



Additional Installation Notes:

The BloomSky station will have to be reset after any unsuccessful installation attempts. To perform a “hard reset” on the BloomSky device after an unsuccessful installation attempt, follow these directions:

  1. Turn the power button off then on to make sure the device is powered on (green power light)
  2. Hold down the wifi button (next to the power button on the side of the device), until the green power light goes off and comes back on
  3. The wifi light should now be blinking red; if the wifi light is not blinking red try the reset process one more time


Common Installation Problems:

  1. Check the password to your network.
    1. Router passwords are cAsE SEnsITIve.
    2. Passwords are typically jibberish, often “corrected” by your mobile device’s auto-correct. Be sure you entered it correctly and it is not changed by the phone.
    3. Watch out for spaces after your password is entered.
  2. There must be an available 2.4GHz wifi network, the BloomSky device will not connect to a 5GHz network.
    1. Many new routers are pre-set to only broadcast a 5G network, or both 2.4G and 5G networks simultaneously with the same name.
    2. If you are unsure if you have an available 2.4G network, consult your routers instructions or online support forum. This is a common question and easily fixed with a few basic steps.




For additional help email our support team or call the BloomSky support line at +1-650-666-0855



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  • Should also add ….

    Common Installation Problems :
    V2.0.2 Android app doesn’t work – it fails to install the device because Street and City name are undefined. There is nowhere in the app to fill in these fields so Android users cannot complete setup.

    Waiting for an updated app.

    • Hi Paul, A new Android version is up on Google Play – v2.0.3. This new version should have remedied that issue. We also have an FAQ page coming very soon. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Dennis Snyder

    I installed my BloomSky today. Love it! Is there anyway to tell if the solar panel is actually working? I only have the battery icon and it shows partially charged

    • john

      Hi Dennis, Sorry about the delay in response!
      To answer your question- the Solar panel will “trickle” charge the internal rechargeable battery, so the charging light will only occasionally light up. However the best way to monitor the status is to periodically check the battery level within the app, if it maintains a half charge on the battery (or more) then it’s working just fine. You can also see a note about powering the device on the FAQ page for more details-

  • Martin Gossen

    Deployed the BSky today. Perfectly simple. Took way more time to trim trees to capture a great time lapse. Great product and concept. Hope we can grow the community.

    • john

      Hi Martin, Glad to hear it! Spread the word and we’ll have a weather cam in every neighborhood. Thanks for the support!

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  • Steve Monday

    Ive got mine successfully connected to the network and named however, it keeps stating offline on the app?

    • john

      Hi Steve, send a note to ‘’ so they can confirm the status you’re station. They can let you know if there was an issue with the station connecting the server upon installation.
      Welcome to the community!

      • Steve Monday

        Thanks John! Just did!

    • Stephen Jackson

      I have same problem ,how did you fix it

      • john

        Hi Stephen, If you’re still having setup issues, please send us a note at ‘’. Thanks!

  • Salog

    Trying to upload to Weather Underground but I don’t see Bloombox on “select your device” options. IOS

    • john

      Hi Salog,
      Please send us an email at ‘’ so we can follow up and get more details. Thanks!

      • Salog

        Please disregard, I was able to register using a “real” computer 🙂 Thanks.

  • Michael Kutche

    I turn the power on and my wifi light doesn’t come on as red or anything i’ve tried a hard reset and nothing.

    • john

      Hi Michael, Sorry for the trouble with the installation. If you’re still having issues, please contact our support team at ‘’ for help troubleshooting the error. Thanks for your patience!