New BloomSky Weather App Ready to Download

Weather Info: At a Glance

We are very excited to launch a new version of the BloomSky Weather app that focuses on a streamlined design, and instant delivery of the most relevant BloomSky weather data. You can update your app through the Apple App Store today, and keep an eye on our Facebook/Twitter for the Android launch – coming very soon!



Major Highlights

The new app will immediately load to a “Favorites” section, listing your own BloomSky stations (if applicable), as well as the locations you follow. In the navigation bar you will be able to access the map which enabling you to search for locations around the world. To add them to your Favorites list simply tap the star in the corner.


We are researching how the “Moments” and “Trending” features can be more relevant to you; they will resurface in a new iteration down the road in 2016. In the meantime, you can export all of your old moments in the settings page.


The network is growing incredibly fast, entirely thanks to the effort and passion of the BloomSky community (read our Community Outreach Program to learn how you can help). We are working to make the BloomSky network a resource throughout the U.S. and the world, with national coverage and global reach. We’ve now included third-party information for any city you search, which you can add to your list of favorite stations.



Coming Soon for the BloomSky Weather App:

After months of research and studying your feedback, we have been able to lay the foundation for several very exciting features. We are developing a new way for the user to seamlessly discover the most popular locations around the world (a revamp of the former trending list). We’re also working to add more educational value to the numeric weather data for our schools and community partners.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll release a series of updates that will add more search views to our map and let you view who follows your station. Your feedback on these updates is crucial. Please let us know your thoughts and report any bugs in the comments below or to ‘‘, so we can incorporate your feedback in pending updates.

Want to get involved and have direct input in future versions of the app?  You can apply to join our Beta Group of app testers; we’d love to hear your feedback!

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  • Mark Nute

    Still waiting for Sprint network fix. Timelapse will not load on Sprint.

    • john

      Hi Mark,
      Sorry for the compatibility issue, the engineers are working with Spring to remedy this. Our understanding is that the issue comes from certain URL’s being blocked. A temporary fix to view the time-lapse is to switch from cellular/4G and use wifi by hooking up to an available network.
      We’ll announce as soon as we can fix the issue, thanks for your patience!

      • Mark Nute

        Thanks John. Unfortunately my wifi is from Sprint also. I live in the boonies and satellite internet is too slow and too expensive. Tech support emailed and said the next update on the app may solve the problem. Thanks again.

  • pramod kr Chaudhary

    Hi, I need temperature and humidity weather data for my study purpose
    , anybody can help me by providing the above data sets of 5 days.

    • john

      Hi pramod, Please email us at ‘’ so we can get additional details on your request. Thanks!