Community Outreach Program Goes Nationwide

The BloomSky Community Outreach Program goes nation-wide. We are offering a BloomSky weather station to areas throughout the country in an effort to bring communities together.


Update March 2, 2016: After a very successful “Round 1” our initial weather station giveaway through the Community Outreach Program has concluded. However, please still apply so that we have your application on file for when we restart, and follow us on Facebook & Twitter for updates!

Going Big

In October 2015, we announced the launch of our Community Pilot Program in California. In just under one month, we added approximately 250 devices to the BloomSky network.


Device: ‘NESC NATUREBRIDGE’; Yosemite National Park


The new additions feature views of Lake Tahoe, Yosemite National Park, Kings Canyon National Park, and San Francisco. In addition to the new locations, BloomSky formed an exciting new partnership with NatureBridge – an educational nonprofit bringing students to our National Parks for an immersive learning experience.








Device: "NCW Headquarters;" Nevada County, California

Device: ‘NCW Headquarters’; Nevada County, California


We’re also very excited about joining with Giovanni from Nevada County Weather. His BloomSky weather camera is an important tool in his report of the local weather, and has proven to be a very popular station. We are happy to work with someone who has such an enthusiastic following among his neighboring residents.








Growing, Growing, Gone…

Given the success of the Pilot, we’re thrilled to expand the program throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our goal is to work with our existing network of BloomSky users – such as yourselves – to support local weather reporters, organizations, nonprofits, and community leaders by providing them with free BloomSky stations.

If you’re interested in hosting a BloomSky Weather Station, and have at least 20 community members who will be eager to follow your BloomSky Weather Report through the free iOS or Android app, you can apply here. Applications must be submitted by February 3rd, 2016.

Though the program is only available in the United States and Canada right now, we still welcome international applications to measure prospective locations for future programs.

We’re excited to hear from you, and are eager to connect with new weather enthusiasts to grow the BloomSky network!

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  • Steve Van Pelt

    Since you can potentially gather a TON of weather data that correlates to corresponding photos, it would be really cool to have a simulated time laps of a days forecast: you could take the hour by hour forecast and match it up with photos taken that match the weather data. It would probably end up looking weird since cloud patterns wouldn’t be consistent, but it might actually be amazing! Being able to watch a time laps of a day that is about to happen would be so valuable.

    • john

      That’s a really cool idea! The only hitch is that we use third party forecast data in our app, rather than extrapolating the real-time data gathered by our stations. It’s something to put up on the board though. Thanks for sharing!

  • Steev Janssen

    Is bloomsky still doing community outreach? There are no user here in Big Sky Montana. We have an awesome view here of the ski slopes and mountains. Love to be apart of this!

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