Rainbow BloomSky Stations Shipped

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Rainbow BloomSky weather stations have shipped!

Phew…that felt great to say.

If you were on the rainbow Kickstarter campaign you should receive your rainbow BloomSky station this week in the U.S. and shortly after for International folks. We’ve moved right along since our first shipment at the beginning of May.
Since these colorful new additions to your home are so darn attractive, send us some pictures of them once set up; Mention @BloomSky on Twitter or tag your picture #BloomSky on Instagram.


A running update to our production line in the factory has pushed all the devices back. However the rainbow station build and all future device builds will have – 1. replaced an oil lubricant for the lens housing assembly with silicon for waterproofing, avoiding any water or oil marks on the surface of the image sensor; 2. Significantly increased our tolerances for water-resistance, which was causing some erratic readings on the sensors.

As always, we want to hear from you, our community! Send comments and feedback to our Facebook page or @mention us on Twitter. If you’re in need of setup assistance, we’re here to help. Email our support crew here.

Enjoy those new rainbow BloomSky stations, and share some weather!

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