Spring ’16 Community Outreach Program – Update

Thanks to You

We are grateful to all that have joined the BloomSky weather network through the Community Outreach Program (COP). Participation in the Community Outreach has been more enthusiastic and has reached a broader audience than we could have hoped for; and thanks to our flourishing community, the COP has been indispensible in expanding BloomSky’s hyper-local, real-time visual weather network.

Thanks to your participation, as well as some generous financial backing to support the COP initiative, we have deployed over one thousand new BloomSky weather stations – increasing the network by over 50% – during the first quarter of 2016, and we have additional already-confirmed locations pending.


Where’s Mine?

Understandably, there has been frustration due to the delay in shipping weather stations for the remaining COP participants. This delay was a result of higher than forecasted COP participation combined with a spike in retail orders, regrettably coinciding with unexpected interruptions on the manufacturing side.

BloomSky and its principals are committed to fulfilling every pending order that has been accepted into the Community Outreach Program – if you paid your shipping costs, you will receive your weather station. Of the pending COP orders, most will be fulfilled from a shipment of BloomSky weather stations that will arrive and ship back out during the weeks of March 21st and 28th, 2016. Any remaining COP participants will receive their shipment from the following delivery of inventory; our manufacturing partner in China has confirmed this next “batch” will arrive during the week of April 25th. The COP orders will be shipped from our third-party warehouse throughout the following week and a half in the sequence in which the order was placed.



We eagerly look forward to delivering BloomSky’s amazing weather technology. We sincerely apologize for the delay, and appreciate the patience and enthusiasm of all the COP participants eagerly awaiting delivery of their BloomSky weather stations. We understand if participants are not willing to hold out until the end of April for the next COP shipment. If you’d prefer to withdraw from participation in the Community Outreach Program, or if you have additional questions or concerns please contact us at info@BloomSky.com.


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