Understanding Weather through Images

landscape weather photo

One of J.T.’s landscape photos from Big Sur, on the California Coast

I don’t remember how old I was, but because my father was a pilot, there were a lot of strange books at home and I saw an interesting book called “Predicting the weather with clouds.” The book showed images of various cloud types, and explained how you could use their patterns to judge changes in the weather.  I used the book to really study the clouds, and predict whether it would rain or snow.  My predictive work may not have been accurate, but it left me with a deep impression. Later, when I was in high school, I fell in love with photography.  My favorite activity was capturing landscape images while traveling.  For me, weather is about the subtle changes of light and the color of the scenes. In short, I love watching the weather, love the blowing wind, love the rain, and love the clear, blue sky.

 We always say ‘watch’ the weather.  But how can we do that with a display of just icons and figures?  Weather reports should give you a true physical feeling. It’s important we see the real-time weather image. We are all competent and able to judge weather for ourselves based on a life-time of experience. We have the opportunity to rely on our own judgement and understanding from true weather images. Every morning, the first image you see after you open the curtains is that of the real weather information. I wished that we had a product or service that enables us to see the real-time true weather images.  Therefore, we designed and developed Bloomsky.   BloomSky connects temperature / humidity / pressure / rain / UV sensors and camera all together. From now on, the weather images and weather data merge in a new combination for weather information, and it’s your own weather.   Today, we use large-screen smart phones, perfect for viewing these images.  With Bloomsky, you can see the real weather images and data on your phone.  When people share this special information with others, we will build a brand-new weather information sharing network, and everyday’s weather changes will unfold before your eyes.

-J.T. Xiao, Founder and CEO of BloomSky


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