Viewing Fall Foliage With BloomSky

Change is in the air, so make sure you know the weather…and where best to peep some leaves.

Fall foliage has begun to take over the colors across the United States. Gold, orange and red are creeping across the horizon, marking the change from summer to autumn. Maple trees in the Northeast, and Aspen trees and grape vines in the West are some of the most notable. While some parts of the country enjoy a broader spread of colors, everyone will get at least a little color in their neighborhood before winter sets in.


The Science Behind the Colors

Chlorophyll is the stuff that allows plants to turn sun into food, it’s also the stuff that makes them green. As the days get shorter, less chlorophyll is produced and the leaves’ true colors are exposed. A literal rainbow of other pigments is hiding behind all that light-absorbing green chlorophyll. The yellow colors are produced by xanthophylls, the oranges from carotenoids, and the red and purple colors come anthocyanins. All of these are present in the leaf year round, but their brilliance is only able to shine when the tree ceases to replenish the chlorophyll.

A wetter growing season will contribute to healthier forests, leading to more of these pigments. However when the trees change colors is much more dependant on the shorter days, rather than cooling autumn temperatures or dry late-summer conditions. The US National Arboretum has a great page on the science behind the colors if you’re interested in more details.


BloomSky: A Window to Autumn

If you’re not able to hit the road on a leaf-peeping vacation this fall, you can still watch the season of transition take effect. With BloomSky weather cameras set up across the Midwest and throughout the North- and Southeast United States, you can witness the leaves change on a daily basis.




BloomSky app users can quickly search for the the best views using the new ‘map view’ feature within the app Weather cameras, combined with this interactive foliage map, will give you an exact idea of where and when to look for the best colors.






A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

As the sun begins to drop lower in the sky, fall is a spectacular time to exorcise that itchy camera trigger finger. Vivid colors combine with the long shadows – produced from a low-angle sun – to create great images. Or maybe just a walk in the woods with your mental camera is all you need. Whatever activity or hobby you choose, make sure to enjoy the outdoors before winter takes over; but be sure to check the real-time weather on the BloomSky app before you head out.



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