Live Weather for the Golden Gate Relay

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We’ve been hard at work getting ready for the big race this weekend. The 191 mile course of The Relay will be the first widespread use of our crowdsourced weather stations by the general public. The participants will have to be prepared for variable weather conditions as they travel through multiple different bay area micro-climates. The weather stations were set up on Wednesday and Thursday before the Saturday race to begin monitoring the race course. The big announcement: iOS app is now available as of Friday May 1st! Visit the iTunes store for the free download. Users can access up to five days of historical time-lapse videos. The temperature, humidity, and barometric data combined with a time stamp gives a picture of conditions in the area to help plan ahead.

GGR MapThis handy interactive map will give runners an overview of the course and the location of the weather stations accessible along the way to help prep for your leg of the relay.



The Golden Gate Relay is a perfect environment for us to put our new weather station to use. Runners will start out in the town of Calistoga, the earliest of the groups depart at 7am. Moving south toward Napa, the cool morning will give way to what may be a rather hot afternoon.



As the runners move towards the coast Saturday evening, weather could be anywhere from warm and comfortable, to cool and foggy. By the late hours of Saturday night the fog and wind will almost certainly make for a cold mile and a half run across the Golden Gate Bridge. Hot and dry conditions again could be a challenge as runners follow the course down the Peninsula toward Cupertino, before heading up into the mountains. Then over the mountains and through the woods to a Santa Cruz beach finish they go. All that pain and suffering is for a great cause though. Each team of 12 raises money for Organs ‘R’ Us; you can find out more about the Non-profit race and the organization here –
There was a great amount of effort put in to get the hardware and software ready in time for the race this weekend. As such, the app is undergoing constant updates so please make sure you keep your version current through the weekend. Though the app is a Beta version with several features pending, it is a fully functioning. Please post any reports of glitches or bugs below, including device type and iOS version. We’d love your help in contributing input and issues.


All in all, it will be a great test for the value of the BloomSky stations’ hyperlocal reporting. We’re excited to hear the feedback from the teams, and anyone following along throughout the weekend. Good luck to the teams, we’ll see you in Calistoga and Santa Cruz!

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