The First Weather Station Shipment is Coming!

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The first batch of BloomSky units will arrive next week and will be shipped out promptly to our Kickstarter supporters. Our goal is to have all Kickstarter orders shipped by the end of May, followed by our other pre-orders in June . Which brings up the question – “what’s happening now and what’s next?”

  1. We completed hardware design changes based on the Fall 2014 Beta Test results.
Beta Test prototype - left, final production device - right

Beta Test prototype – left; final production device – right

The design changes include:

  • slightly larger (~10%) body reduces heat build-up inside unit that could affect temperature reading and a larger surface area on top of unit for…
  • an increased number of smaller rain receptors on the main unit surface
  • relocated the UV sensor to pivot with the lens eye
  • internal access under main body to allow serviceable parts
  • power and reset buttons are raised to give more positive feedback upon depressing buttons
  • Weather-proofed the power connection (both the adaptor and input end) to eliminate down-time due to charging inside

2. How do we know our weather stations can withstand the harsh weather environment they will live in? Here’s an intense video of a BloomSky station undergoing an IPX water test to confirm its weather resistance.  IPX water testing is a series of standard tests subjecting the device to varying amounts of water pressure and rate of flow. This ensures the internal components are adaquately sealed against water intrusion.

A production unit undergoes a weather chamber test; the units are built to an IPX4 standard – ‘water sprayed at all angles for up to five minutes @ 10 L/min’. For a different test video click here.


3. Shipment: The weather stations are being shipped via air freight (to expedite the shipping process) from the Chinese factory, outside Beijing, to the port of San Francisco. Upon being delivered to our distribution facility near the office in Menlo Park, they’ll go right back out the door to you, the pioneers of crowd sourced weather!

Loading BloomSky Weather Stations onto Truck

The China team loads the first batch of BloomSky onto the truck.


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  • Lawrence Crumb

    I have been testing Windows 10 and it seem that it will be available for phones.
    Also there has been a report from Microsoft that there will be a version the can be used with the Raspberry Pi credit card sized computer.
    Is there a possibility that you are going to look into Microsoft mobile Windows 10 as a connection to your device?

    • John

      Hi Lawrence,
      Thanks for the question. As of now we don’t have plans for a Windows mobile app, however that may change as we continue to grow and device usage fluctuates. We are logging all feedback and comments with the intent on evaluating what our community will want to see next.
      The BloomSky Team

  • Lawrence Crumb

    I have been testing Windows 10 Preview and it is getting to look better with each new build.
    There have been some talk that Microsoft is gong to develop and be able to use Android apps.

    The RaspberryPi initial version of Windows 10 was released last week but I have not been able to get it downloaded to my RaspberryPi.

    If i am away from MY WiFi will I be able to access my weather on my phone?

    • John

      Hi Lawrence,
      To answer your Wifi question: Yes, if you set up your BloomSky device to connect to your home wifi network you will be able to access the device via your phone’s BloomSky app from anywhere.

      With regard to the question from your other post: All access to the device network is done through the app. This includes searching for other devices, viewing the weather info, etc. Anyone (device owner or not) can view any publicly shared BloomSky station; you’ll have an option to make the weather station public or private upon device setup, but we hope you’ll share your view with the rest of us! As for the local weather group, they can view your device and it’s data via the app on their phone or tablet, simply give them the name you designate to your device to make it easier to search for. Thanks for your questions, and let me know if I can answer any more for you!

  • Chris Emry

    How do I get the windows 10 preview build?

    • john

      Hi Chris, We haven’t gone down the Windows app road yet, unfortunately. When we do, we’ll certainly be reaching out for testers, so we’ll keep you posted. Thanks for the interest!

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